Changes in the entertainment industry

Changes in the entertainment industry: Which events are worth attending?

The rapid development of new technologies has led to changes in all areas of life, including entertainment. For example, with the onset of the pandemic, online performances by famous artists, singers and DJs have helped many people not to get depressed and more easily endure a period of self-isolation. After all, as we know, music inspires people and helps distract them from their current life situations, which are sometimes tricky. Today, new technological solutions offer incredible user opportunities: from online tours in museums to travel around the world in 3D space.

In addition to concerts, virtual meetings with celebrities have become popular online, and many athletes have organized virtual training sessions for their fans. Challenges ranging from who reads the most books to who cooks the fastest breakfast became very popular. There are already great events, which you can read about next. And if your choice is to play craps online, then the article at the link will appeal to you.

The future of the industry

A PwC study of the entertainment and media industry during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic showed the industry’s steepest drop in revenue for the first time in 21 years. But the study’s authors predict an average annual growth rate of 2.8% over five years. 

PwC experts said in the report “Global entertainment and media industry review: forecast for 2020-2024” that consumer habits can take a lifetime to learn and change in just one quarantine. Pandemic accelerated and strengthened the changes in consumer behavior. In addition, measures of social distance and travel restrictions have accelerated the pace of digitalization, a significant force shaping the new face of all industries. In 2020, for example, the world of entertainment and media had become more remote, virtual, streaming, personalized, and, at least for now, more home-oriented than expected earlier in the year, the authors of the PwC study conclude in a summary fashion.

Industry growth slows dramatically

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world and affected the entertainment and media industries. Because of this, the study’s authors postponed its release for three months to assess the impact of the pandemic. The revised revenue growth forecast confirmed the correctness of such a decision. 

  • Against the backdrop of the 2020 global recession, the global entertainment and media industry saw its steepest drop in revenue for the first time in the 21 years of this study – a 5.6% drop from 2019, or more than $120 billion in absolute terms. In complete terms, this was a $ 120 billion drop. 
  • In 2009. – In the year of the previous global economic crisis – the population’s spending on goods and services of the entertainment and media industry decreased only by 3.0%, the analysts remind PwC.

Today there are many options for obtaining information on specific products and services in the entertainment industry. However, according to many experts, only a personal visit to the exhibition will allow you to understand whether a particular product, solution, or commercial proposal meets your requirements.

List of international entertainment industry events

Changes in the entertainment industry

8.02.2022 – 8.06.2022, Nck Free Fair 2022, Belleville, USA

The International Nck Free Fair is one of the oldest events in the American entertainment industry. In addition to a busy business program, the Nck Free Fair plan includes a large-scale carnival with numerous contests and entertainment for guests of all ages.

8.04.2022 – 8.05.2022, Sports Betting West Africa 2022, Lagos, Nigeria

Sports Betting West Africa 2022 is a business platform popular with African betting players, which provides the best environment in the region to establish and develop partner entertainment. Participants at the event include software vendors, leading gambling industry operators, marketers, and lawyers. This year the exhibition will be held for the fifth time.

08.05.2022 – 07.08.2022, “The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2022,” Chicago, USA

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) covers several popular films, television, comics, video games, and anime trends. In addition, visitors to the event will get a unique chance to talk to the creators and creators of their favorite characters and get autographs from the true stars of the American entertainment industry. 

05.08.2022 – 07.08.2022, Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2022, Hong Kong

The AV Show HK exhibition is a bright, original, and mass audiovisual show based on innovative technology. Its organizers promote the development of modern music culture and the promotion of specialized software for the creation of unique and spectacular audio files.

8.06.2022 – 8.07.2022, Dublin Comic Con 2022, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Comic Con 2022 is a rarified entertainment event in the style of fandom and pop culture. A venue is an excellent option for young people or families. The exhibits range from TV shows and movies to cosplay and comics. 

8.07.2022 – 8.13.2022, Northwestern Michigan Fair 2022, Traverse City, USA

The Northwestern Michigan Fair 2022 is one of Michigan’s most anticipated international entertainment events. The platform annually gathers producers of a wide range of agricultural products, fruits, and vegetables and representatives of creative professions, ready to sell to visitors their works: various paintings, jewelry, etc.

8.08.2022 – 8.12.2022, Dakota County Fair 2022, Farmington, USA

The Dakota County Fair 2022 International Fair is a sought-after event not only among entertainment industry professionals but also ordinary Americans, featuring numerous attractions, art exhibits, educational events, live music, and booths that offer to taste of various beverages and snacks.

8.09.2022 – 8.12.2022, Music Guangzhou 2022, Guangzhou, China

Music Guangzhou 2022, an international exhibition of musical instruments, is primarily aimed at promoting the unique musical culture of China and Asia. Among the exhibits will be a variety of keyboard, string, percussion, bowed, and wind musical instruments.

8.10.2022 – 08.12.2022, Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo 2022, Guangzhou, China

Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo 2022 is an international-level amusement and attraction exhibition. The event is expected to feature a wide range of professional recreational, leisure, and tourism equipment. Manufacturers from Asia, the United States, and Australia will introduce their solutions for designing and constructing water parks, entertainment centers, and landscape engineering.

8.14.2022 – 8.14.2022, Box Hill Records Comics And Card Fair 2022, Box Hill, Australia

Box Hill Records Comics And Card Fair 2022 is a professional event for dealers who sell music records, CDs, postcards, and other collectibles. This year’s fair will feature dealers not only from around Australia but also from Southeast Asia. 

8.18.2022 – 08.21.2022, Emerald City Comicon 2022, Seattle, WA

The international exhibition of pop culture and comics Emerald City Comicon 2022 has been held in Seattle since 2003. Its organizers are ready to offer their guests a wide range of entertainment. The event is known for the fact that you can meet and get an autograph from famous artists, writers, and programmers. 

8.25.2022 – 08.28.2022, Fan Expo Canada 2022, Toronto, Canada

Fan Expo Canada 2022 is an international exhibition of the film industry. Once a year, it opens its doors to fans of horror, science fiction, anime, comics, and video games which get a unique opportunity to take a memorable photo and get their idol’s autograph. 

8.25.2022 – 8.28.2022, Seoul POPCON 2022, Seoul, South Korea

Seoul POPCON 2022 is a relatively young pop culture exhibition in Korea that showcases the latest products in film, broadcasting, games, comics, animation, and music.

8.26.2022 – 8.27.2022, BrickSlopes 2022, Sandy, USA

The theme of BrickSlopes 2022 will be the 21st anniversary of LEGO Star Wars. The event will allow attendees to see every LEGO Star Wars set released over the past twenty years. Enjoy another LEGO Dimension game while participating in unique LEGO games and events.


Attending the trade shows on our list will provide information on new products and current market trends and allow us to discover something new and exciting. In addition, many of these exhibitions promise to launch pads for introducing technical, digital, economic, and other innovations.