Chadwick releases a groovy trap-pop tune, entitled, “Pacific”

Chadwick is an indie-pop artist based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released a groovy trap-pop tune, entitled, “Pacific”.

Chadwick – “Pacific”


“Got the one way ticket to the top. Hunnies gettin’ lose when they hear that bottom drop. Ooo sippin’ that Cîroc let that body talk. All the little waves they don’t never stop. Time is an illusion, never hit the pause. Ooo out here with the squad, feelin like a god. Reppin the pacific.” – lyrics

‘Pacific’ tells the tale of a young man living his best life on the Pacific Coast. One of his favorite spots to chill, Venice Beach, where he watches the sun descend behind the ocean waves. It’s paradise where he’s at. Plenty of beautiful women and ganja in abundance, plus the gorgeous scenery is the icing on the cake.


‘Pacific’ contains an enjoyable narrative, melodic vocals, and a cheerful instrumentation poppin’ with hip-hop elements.  

We recommend adding Chadwick’s “Pacific” single to your personal playlist.

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