Chadon Beni

Chadon Beni releases a lyric video for his “Maria” single

Chadon Beni (pronounced Shadow Ben-Nee) is an anonymous music creator from the West Indies. Not too long ago, he released a new single, entitled, “Maria”.

Chadon Beni – “Maria”

“There ain’t no hoe that could match you. You never tripping no attitude. Taking you higher with gratitude. Long days, long nights too. F*ck a bitch who try to come between. Maria you got me, you got me queen. I could care less ‘bout a f*ck boy. F*ck them ni^^as who be hating boy.” – Verse

Chadon Beni

“Ooh Maria, I hit the blunt and I’m flying (2x). Ooh Maria, I need a moment confessing. Maria, having you here is a blessing.” – Chorus

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