Cecilie Dimma + G'avin

Cecilie Dimma releases a baby-making single, entitled, “Ice Cream” feat. Gavin

Cecilie Dimma is a Danish-Ethiopian neo-soul contemporary R&B singer outta Scandinavia. Not too long ago, she released “Ice Cream”, a soulful single from her upcoming debut EP, entitled, “Addicted to the Drama”. Also, the single features rapper Gavin.

Cecilie Dimma – “Ice Cream” ft. Gavin

‘Ice Cream’ is a minimalistic and flirtatious hymn celebrating human attraction. It speaks about love tasting, candy crushing, and baby-making. Also, Dimma’s soulful voice sings tales of love, desire, and temptation.

Cecilie Dimma + Gavin

Cecilie Dimma + G'avin

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