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CeCe Teneal releases a wonderful R&B tune, entitled, “First Love”

CeCe Teneal is a singer-songwriter based in Orlando, Florida. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful R&B tune, entitled, “First Love”.

CeCe Teneal – “First Love” single

“Like a yellow rose, all along, the one I should’ve chose. When they all left me, you still held close. Always been there for me and it truly shows (2x). Now I know and I’m not afraid to love you. Now I see all I had to do was trust you, now I need…I just need you to forgive me. I’m ready to get back to our beginning.” – lyrics 

‘First Love’ tells an interesting tale of a woman who wants to make things right again between her and her first love.

Once upon a time, they were inseparable but broke up because she was afraid to love. Now, she’s ready to love and takes the blame for their heartaches.

The fact that she’s apologetic and wants forgiveness means a lot in regards to them repairing what she confessed wasn’t broken in the first place.

‘First Love’ contains a relatable storyline, honeyed soul vocals, and jazzy instrumentation inspired by ‘90s-R&B, neo-soul, and gospel elements.

CeCe Teneal – “First Love” single

CeCe Teneal - “First Love” cover art

“This song is a passionate account of leaving something too soon as taking too long to return. It’s a fresh take on a love song to a love interest or of one’s self.” – CeCe Teneal

CeCe Teneal performs the same whether it’s in front of 5 or 5,000 people. And that’s why her longevity as an artist is sure to outdo others in the industry.

Her career skyrocketed in 2007 when she was selected as the lead singer for B.B. King’s Blues Club in Orlando.

Since then, she has been nominated for four Independent Music Awards. Also, she claimed their title for 2011 Best Gospel Song (“I Heard you Prayin”) and Best R&B Album, as well as the 2019 award for Best Funk/Jam/Fusion song.

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