Cathy is a 9-year-old-girl who claims she can heal water

Cathy is a 9-year old girl from Northern Europe. Not too long ago, she spoke about her ability to heal water through star languages. Also, she gave her viewpoint on God and her mission to ‘wake up’ her family, and everyone that is consciously asleep.


“The star children have come to show us the way. They are the ones to start the process, helping the rest of humanity to wake up. When my purpose is accomplished, I will go to the Day Light. We have already been in Day Land, but because we wanted to have more experiences, we came to this planet.”

Emenoke, the beings that communicate with Cathy, do not live on another planet. Also, they are located at the ‘edge of the universe’ in the White Light.

Mary Rodwell, a professional counsellor, hypnotherapist, and founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, interviewed Cathy for her forthcoming “The New Human” book.


Mary: What do your guides teach you?

Cathy: They are teaching me different knowledge so I can teach adults. The danger is that it can be changed and then the true information is lost. Then people get confused and lost by making fun of the Star Children, or not believing them. Many Star Kids are destroyed by education.

M: How many Star Kids are there?

C: Forty or fifty percent of people of a hundred, but many get lost and only twenty percent will remember who they are. We have to wake up!

The beings want us to wake up and see reality as it is. Also, to understand how powerful we really are. Some individuals from Day Land and Evening Land have come here to help humanity with the Awakening.

It’s very dangerous to come here to help because our past life memories can be deleted at birth and some of this is destroyed by society, education, drinks, and drugs. Also, those who come here are aware of the dangers and still want to come and help. We are not awake yet.

M: How can we wake up?

C: We have to increase our energy as we don’t have the energy required. It was stolen from us.

M: How can we protect our energy?

C: At present, we only have point five percent (.05%) of our energy. We need to have one point five percent (1.5%).

How might we begin to increase our energy?

  • Don’t get angry about small things.
  • Please don’t speak on mobile phones for a long time.
  • Don’t eat white sugar.
  • Please don’t watch TV.
  • Don’t use microwaves.
  • Please don’t have wireless internet.

Something important will happen in the next five years on this planet. The parents have to listen to us. We need to educate the parents.

SOURCE: The Earth Child

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