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CAROLINE releases a heartbreaking pop tune, entitled, “On & Off”

CAROLINE is an LA-based singer-songwriter with Southern roots in North Carolina. Not too long ago, she released a heartbreaking pop tune, entitled, “On & Off”.

CAROLINE – “On & Off” single

“Our perfect life was going so well like a dream that never ends. But it will then start again. Gaslighting got me under your spell. Even after all this time, I still question if they’re lies. Are you looking for a problem? Are you tryin’ get sick of me? There ain’t nobody as awesome. Let’s just agree to disagree.” – lyrics

‘On & Off’ tells a heartfelt tale of an indecisive young woman who shares an extremely volatile and on-and-off relationship with her significant other. So far, they have experienced 13 breakups and a lifetime full of heartaches. Therefore, she reveals that sometimes their relationship is great, and other times, she curses her companion’s name.

‘On & Off’ contains a relatable narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses dance-floor-ready instrumentation flavored with a vibrant electro-pop aroma.

“On & Off” single

CAROLINE - “On & Off” cover

“‘On & Off’ is about an extremely toxic relationship that leaves you emotionally drained and confused. I hope the song can bring awareness to these volatile situations. However, it’s still a fun song to dance to!” – CAROLINE

‘On & Off’ serves as CAROLINE’s first painfully realistic tune. Also, the emotionally heartbreaking song shows a more vulnerable side of CAROLINE as she continues her reign as “the princess of meaningful pop”.

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