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Carnival Youth releases a lyric video for their “Birthday” single

Carnival Youth is a successful new generation indie outfit from Latvian. Not too long ago, they released a lyric video for their indie-rock tune, entitled, “Birthday”.

Carnival Youth – “Birthday”

“A day like all the other days, nothing has changed. But you smiled at me, have I finally done something right? Not sure what did you mean but it feels like I’m seven. Hey, it’s your birthday.” – lyrics

‘Birthday’ tells an interesting tale of a young man who gets treated like a king on his birthday.

Apparently, his relationship with his significant other isn’t all that great, but on his birthday all of their problems are shoved under the rug.

‘Birthday’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and vibey instrumentation embedded with feel-good vibration. 

Carnival Youth – “Birthday” single

Carnival Youth – “Birthday” artwork

“Feeling careless and celebratory, even too naive sometimes. It’s interesting how this one day each year makes us feel so special that we can forget about everything else and there are no more responsibilities. That day we feel like we can be the happiest, but, of course, it’s just a beautiful illusion.” – Emīls Kaupers

Carnival Youth consists of Edgars Kaupers, Emīls Kaupers, Roberts Vanags, and Aleksis Luriņš.

‘Birthday’ is featured on their double A-side single which also contains their “Phantom Planet” song.

Check out the music video for “Phantom Planet”, created by Jānis Dzirnieks.

Carnival Youth – “Phantom Planet”

“It was one of the last songs that came together for the record. We felt that the verse had this darkish groovy hip-hop vibe. So the lyrics came up about the inner world, the one we always feel, but aren’t always in control of, and the way how it’s in contrast with the other world, the everyday normal side of us. A dialogue like one Dale Cooper’s character has in Twin Peaks. But it’s not a fight, it’s cohabitation.” – Emīls Kaupers

‘Birthday’ and “Phantom Planet” will both be featured on Carnival Youth’s upcoming album.

We recommend adding their “Birthday” and “Phantom Planet” singles to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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