Carmody releases a music video for her “Summer Rain” single

Carmody is a singer-songwriter out of South London. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful music video for “Summer Rain”, the second single from her upcoming solo EP, entitled, “Caching Blue”.

Carmody – “Summer Rain”

“You leave no room for doubt, a dream inside of me. Freefalling through the clouds, you taste like fantasy. I can hear a song in every sigh, unspoken melodies. We don’t need to ask or question why it’s where we want to be.” – lyrics

‘Summer Rain’ tells the romantic tale of a woman who’s head-over-heels in love with her significant other. Also, love’s in the air whenever they are together in each other’s arm.

‘Summer Rain’ contains a dreamy storyline, electric-soul vocals, and a slow-burning instrumentation produced by Rahm Silverglade.

Carmody – “Summer Rain”

Photo by @create_often

“I’m a big romantic when it comes to rain in the summer time. There’s something about the heat, coupled with a fleeting downpour of rain, that I love. It’s momentary and beautiful. ‘Summer Rain’ is about those ephemeral moments when you fall in love; when there is no doubt – just pure elation – lost in each other’s minds and bodies.” – Carmody

Carmody began writing “Summer Rain” at her home in South London. Not too long afterward, she completed it with Silverglade in the depths of a freezing cold Chicago winter, surrounded by 10 inches of snow.

We recommend adding Carmody’s “Summer Rain” single to your personal playlist.

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