Carly Rose press photo
Photo by Dillon Matthew

Carly Rose releases a stunning music video for her “Brokenhearted” single

Carly Rose gained worldwide attention on The X-Factor after placing 2nd at only 13 years old. Ten years later, after crafting her own sound, voice, and standing within the music community, Carly returns to “Brokenhearted,” one of the memorable performances she gave while on The X-Factor. Not too long ago, she released a stunning music video to promote the enchanting Karmin cover.

Carly Rose – “Brokenhearted” performance video

“Exactly 10 years to the month that I first sang ‘Brokenhearted’ on The X Factor, I am back with a new version of the song and video. Revisiting this song that opened so many doors for me as an artist has been such a special experience. I am so excited to share this visual representation of my gratitude for all those who have continued to support me since my time on The X Factor. I wanted to pay homage to the many things that made the original video and cover so special while bringing a new perspective and energy to it as I now approach it from the eyes of an adult. I hope this song and music video fills you with just the right amount of nostalgia and excitement for what’s to come. And I am so honored to have you be a part of my journey.” – Carly Rose explained

Translating Karmin’s original pop hit, Carly Rose turns “Brokenhearted” into a heartfelt ballad over reflective keys, giving her voice the space and propulsion to reach new heights and emotional depth. Subtle soundscapes and strings underscore the power behind her voice, which rises and crescendos throughout the chorus. Furthermore, Rose brings her journey full circle with this new take on an old classic.

Carly Rose

Carly Rose press photo
Photo by Dylan Reid

“I spent a lot of time writing what I thought people wanted to hear. Now I write for myself, from my point of view, what I want to say based on how I truly feel and have personally experienced.” – Carly Rose explained

After gaining worldwide attention on The X-Factor, Carly Rose avoided diving headfirst into the industry. Instead, she chose to hone her craft while allowing her perspective on life, love, and loss mature, a strategy that has helped to turn her into a fresh, compelling, and immediately relatable songwriter.

“I’ve been waitin’ all day for you to call me.”

Carly Rose press photo
Photo by Dillon Matthew

The years of incubation have paid off as Rose emerges as one of the most refreshing and fully formed young artists – wise beyond her years, with an unexpected soul in her voice that cuts right through an oversaturated “insta” pop music industry. Rose has lived many lives in her 23 short years, and she now embarks on a new musical chapter, one that is the most authentic expression of her artistry.

Carly Rose – “Brokenhearted” single

Carly Rose - “Brokenhearted” cover

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