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Carly Pearl releases an inspiring self-empowerment anthem, entitled, “Pronoia”

Carly Pearl is a singer-songwriter and actress based in New York. Not too long ago, she released an inspiring self-empowerment anthem, titled, “Pronoia.”

Carly Pearl – “Pronoia” single

“What if the whole reason that we’re here, is so we could dive into our fears? What if all the demons in our lives only wanna open up our minds? You ever heard the word pronoia? It’s the opposite of paranoia. Pronoia – the belief that the world conspires in your favor. Honey, it’s a game changer, it’s a cherry lifesaver.” – lyrics 

‘Pronoia’ finds Carly Pearl urging listeners to replace their fears with positive thinking. Later, she asks herself a thought-provoking question, “What if all of the rejection was for my own protection?” Ordinary, it’s normal to feel let down after being rejected. But what if you shifted your thought pattern – believing your rejection is a blessing in disguise, preventing you from going in the wrong direction? This type of productive thinking is what “Pronoia” is all about, adjusting your perspective to see the good in all circumstances.

Leading up to the release, the teasers for “Pronoia” has been getting millions of views via TikTok. With a soulful, catchy tune, “Pronoia” is helping listeners raise their vibration and shift their mindset to view their stories in a totally new positive light. Furthermore, the song sees Carly Pearl falling in love with herself and listeners falling in love with her and her story.

“I tell myself it’s meant to be. Losing them but I’m finding me.”

Carly Pearl - “Pronoia” cover art

Carly Pearl has an extensive background in theater, acting, and music, including fronting the national touring act, The Scruffy Pearls. With vocals that recall Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray, Carly captures listeners’ attention from the first notes of a track. Her heartfelt, thoughtful lyrics subvert expectations through a jazzy, sometimes hip-hop-inspired lens.

Carly sees the synchronicities in all of us as people and allows this perspective to impact her as a creative. If this time in her life is about finding herself as an individual and working as a solo artist rather than as she did previously in a band, then there are some constants she wants to run through her storytelling. The goal is to leave listeners feeling empowered, hopeful, understood, and connected.

Carly Pearl – “Pronoia” single

Carly Pearl - “Pronoia” cover art

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