Cam'ron + 10,000 Miles + Cam’ron

Cam’ron releases a classy music video for his “10,000 Miles” single

Cam’ron is a rapper from Harlem, New York. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “10,000 Miles”, the lead single from his “The Program” mixtape.

Cam’ron – “10,000 Miles” single

“I cheated, another one in the books for me. She clean, roll weed, and cook for me. Ain’t hear from the kids, she would look for me. Now she so mad that she won’t even look at me. Damn iPhones and cameras, nights in Atlanta. Tried to bring you gifts, she said, ‘You ain’t Santa’. I’m just showin’ manners, she reachin’ for the hammer. She ain’t got ears, they replaced with antennas. Hard to believe I messed trust up. No good or bad, just tough luck. I looked her in the eyes like, ‘I f**ked up’. Gripped up, my life had to monetize. Made mistakes, I apologize. Dinner, movie, a date, you know, maybe that. Some dudes relate, I want my baby back.” – lyrics

The video begins inside a room, where a young woman is searching through Cam’s phone. She’s looking at pictures of another woman. Cam’ron is seated outside the room, contemplating what to do next. Also, the following scenes follow Cam’ron in his quest to win back his girl’s love.

“The Program”

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