Camilla North press photo
Photo by @theodor.ramskeid

Camilla North performs songs from her “Carry Me Home” EP at Biblioteket Bar

Camilla North is a singer-songwriter from Bergen, Norway. Not too long ago, she lifted the roof at Biblioteket Bar, performing songs from her “Carry Me Home” EP.

Camilla North

Camilla North press photo
Photo by Theodor Eik

“It’s these moments on stage where you get to tell your stories, and what’s been on your mind for so long that makes it all worth it.” – Camilla North

Biblioteket Bar, a nightlife facility in Bergen, provided the stage for Camilla North to entertain an audience of lively nightclubbers.

The festive group got a treat to hear Camilla North perform songs from her “Carry Me Home” EP while spirited dancers performed nearby.

But North’s musical journey towards recording her “Carry Me Home” EP has been difficult for the Bergen songstress.

“Carry Me Home” EP

Camilla North – “Carry Me Home EP artwork

“Today, it’s not enough to just sing and write songs. You have to also understand the digital market. There are new challenges with the new ways of communicating music these days.” – Camilla North

North independently financed her entire EP by working endless hours at several different jobs.

Given the chance, she would love to have a record label backing, but until then, she has to grind on her own.

Although the road’s been long and challenging, North believes her efforts will one day carry her to the top of the pop music realm.

Get acquainted with Camilla North’s music by streaming her “Carry Me Home” EP via Spotify.

Camilla North – “Carry Me Home” EP

“Carry Me Home” EP contains relatable storylines, vulnerable lyrics, and sentimental elements.

The 5-track project touches on life and takes listeners on a northern journey into a luxurious electro-pop territory.

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