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Cael Dadian releases a sentimental pop tune, entitled, “Calabasas Oaks”

Cael Dadian is a 21-year-old California-based singer-songwriter and producer. Not too long ago, he released a sentimental pop tune, entitled, “Calabasas Oaks”.

Cael Dadian – “Calabasas Oaks”

“I don’t wanna go to Calabasas, baby, I just wanna chill with you in my apartment. But tonight let’s keep it quiet.” – lyrics

‘Calabasas Oaks’ tells a tale of a guy who wants to provide happiness for the woman he’s head-over-heels in love with. He dreams of buying her a lovely home in Calabasas Oaks, where all the stars get away.

When reality settles in, he realizes he isn’t famous. Also, his thought of moving to Calabasas isn’t necessary to achieve relationship happiness.

The next moment finds him being content with what he has. Shortly thereafter, he spends a romantic time with his girlfriend on a cheap mattress inside his apartment.

Cael Dadian + Calabasas Oaks

Cael Dadian + Calabasas Oaks

“I wrote this song about four years ago. Me and my two friends, Tim and Dylan, had gotten an urge to take a drive from LA to Calabasas, as we’d never been there before. We were blindly driving around and ended up in line at the entrance to The Oaks of the Calabasas neighborhood which was home of The Kardashians and many other celebrities at the time. We stupidly told the guards that we just wanted to do some sight-seeing and were immediately denied access. The saltiness that feeling gave me somehow yielded this tune a few days later.” – Cael Dadian

“Calabasas Oaks (original & remix)


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