Buddy Ryan press photo

Buddy Ryan releases a delightful sophomore EP, entitled, “May Eleven”

Buddy Ryan is a Melbourne-based rapper from Connecticut. Not too long ago, he released a delightful sophomore EP, entitled, “May Eleven”.

The 8-track project finds Ryan covering a range of topics including life experiences, social commentary, karma, reflections, and cautionary tales.

“May Eleven” EP

Buddy Ryan - “May Eleven” EP cover

“‘May Eleven’ is a date but there’s so much involved with those numbers. It’s more of a spirit. A mood from start to finish. Making a body of work for me has always been about the overall feel. It should playback like a movie. The best pieces of art take you outside of yourself.” – Buddy Ryan

‘May Eleven’ showcases Buddy Ryan’s ability to craft smooth grooves bolstered by his deft lyricism and sheer honesty.

Buddy Ryan

Buddy Ryan press photo

Buddy Ryan is a name you should remember and an exciting new rap artist to watch. ‘May Eleven’ serves as his biggest moment yet. Also, it’s a tasty appetizer before he serves his full-course meal.

‘May Eleven’ follows Ryan’s underrated debut EP, entitled, “Grey”, centered around the downtempo single of the same name.

Using thought-provoking lyrics as his vehicle, Ryan talks through pain and his personal journey while hoping for peace.

Stream Buddy Ryan’s “May Eleven” EP via Apple Music

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