Brother Polight

Brother Polight changes his Black Power convictions

Brother Polight explained his reasons why he had to assimilation into White America, and why he is no longer all about the Black Power Movement. Also, he clarified why he left his low-income community in New York for a healthier lifestyle in Beverly Hills, California.

“We pride ourselves in talking very harsh against the White man,” stated Brother Polight. “And no matter how much you may say the word Cracker, Devil, Beast, Demon, and Peckerwood. No matter how long we call them a Redneck, Skinhead, a jackal, subtle beast of the field. I’ve said all these words and my bank account remained the same.”

But, when Polight escaped the ills of poverty and became more successful, he began disabling the hate within him and replacing it with love. So over time, he had a change of heart and began doing business with people of different ethnicities. He no longer felt the same way as he did when he was living in New York.

Brother Polight

Brother Polight
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“The more successful you become, the more you gonna have to diversify the ethnicity that you gonna engage and do business with. So, why should we condemn, mock, or ridicule a brother or sister who has become successful, and considering their success, they have no choice but to fellowship, connect, break bread, or interface with people of other ethnicities.”

But Polight’s new stance didn’t sit well with the Black Power Community, who labeled him a sellout, a coon, a money-hungry pimp, and a scammer.

Brother Polight

Brother Polight

“Sometimes, people portray me as somebody who doesn’t have the right to speak on Black issues. Since, I no longer live in these so called Black communities. But, many of us don’t live in Black communities. You live in a White community populated by Black people. Because you don’t own the banks, you don’t own the schools, and you don’t own the hospitals. Also, you have no say in the curriculum. Therefore, whatever your children are being taught, you would have to dispose on the discretion on the very people that you say enslaved you or held you captive.”

Things got complicated when Polight called the predators (ex. pedophiles, murderers, drug dealers) in the Black communities animals. All hell broke loose, and people started questioning Polight’s integrity. But, Polight, a crafty debater, puts some water on the fire when he stated that during the Black News 102 live stream. His mic was muted, so, people only heard half of what he was trying to say. But, he still meant what he said.

“The man that would kill his brother for a pair of shoes is behaving like an animal. The man who can’t be trusted with children because he may sexually assault them is behaving like an animal. And I will never take that back!”

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