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Brittany Pfantz releases a touching piano ballad, entitled, “From the Ashes”

Brittany Pfantz is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Louisiana. Not too long ago, she released a touching piano ballad, entitled, “From the Ashes”.  

Brittany Pfantz – “From the Ashes”

“‘From the Ashes’ is an emotional tune where the Phoenix is used as the metaphorical muse. She rises from what seems to be terrible circumstances and becomes stronger because of it.” – Brittany Pfantz

‘From the Ashes’ tells a rousing tale of a persevering woman who has fallen during her walk with destiny. While lying where ashes lay, the sun reflects its rays on her wilting eyes. That warm encounter inspires her to believe in herself again. Suddenly, she feels stronger than ever before, and all of her powers, which she thought she had lost, returns. Moments later, she rises out of the ashes or her dire predicament.

‘From the Ashes’ contains an inspiring storyline, wonderful vocals, and a piano-driven instrumentation flavored with a nostalgic scent.

Brittany Pfantz + “From the Ashes”

Brittany Pfantz + "From the Ashes" artwork

Brittany Pfantz’s music is perfumed with jazz and down-in-your-gut soul. She parades her roots honestly like the street bands of New Orleans, where she learned how to stay true to the music and herself.

Pfantz’s powerhouse voice is the reason why people compare her to Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Janis Joplin. Also, her goal is to inspire others through music to be their greatest self, run after their wildest dreams, and believe they were created for something much larger than they can imagine.

We recommend adding Brittany Pfantz’s “From the Ashes” single to your personal playlist.

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