Brian Scartocci at the Skylark Lounge
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Brian Scartocci releases a retro-soul tune, entitled, “Days of Glory”

Brian Scartocci is a singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas. Not too long ago, he released a retro-soul tune, entitled, “Days of Glory”.  

Brian Scartocci – “Days of Glory”

“It was important to me to begin my solo career with ‘Days of Glory’ because the words become literal. ‘I’m getting mine, please come get mine.’ It’s thinly veiled as a hookup plea, but under that is the scarred up singer that finally found his way. I believe in my sound and this direction I’m taking and I wrote a song to say, ‘there’s gold at the end of this if you’ll just take my hand. I want you with me.” – Brian Scartocci

‘Days of Glory’ contains a relatable storyline, sweet soul vocals, and an up-tempo instrumentation flavored with a nostalgic soul scent.

Brian Scartocci

Brian Scartocci press photo

“I’m giving the world the most honest version of myself. This is me, this is my soul. It’s taken me a long time to wrap it, but I’m offering it to you now. Dirt and dust and all.” – Brian Scartocci

Brian Scartocci spent the better part of the decade fronting bands such as Austin Heat and Blind Lead The Blind. Then one day, he decided to return to his R&B/Soul roots. Since then, he has been a must-see performer, marveling audiences with his dynamic performances.

Not too long ago in 2012, he was a contestant on NBC’s “The Voice”. Therefore, he’s no stranger to a wide audience and finds that large or small, it’s the passion of that audience that drives him to deliver. Check out his video performance of his “Days of Glory” single.

“Days of Glory”

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