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Brevner releases a melodic rap tune, entitled, “Wish You the Best”

Brevner is a Vancouver-based artist of Japanese and Trinidadian descent. Not too long ago, he released a melodic urban tune, entitled, “Wish You the Best”.

Brevner – “Wish You the Best”

“My first ever girlfriend got married on the weekend. I found out on Facebook. Just imagined how my face looked. It’s not that I wanted you still ‘cause you and me a thing of the past. Three years on and off it was real, but everything can change in a flash.” – lyrics

‘Wish You the Best’ tells a nostalgic tale of a guy who reflects on his past. When he was young, adventurous, and selfish. He remembers his first real relationship with a young lady who wanted him to settle down with her. But he wasn’t ready then, and now, she’s married to another man who wasn’t scared to commit. Although he wishes her the best, deep down, he knows if he could do it all over again he would choose differently.

‘Wish You the Best’ contains a relatable storyline and melodic vocals. Also, it possesses a charismatic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, electronic, and trap elements.

Brevner – “Wish You the Best”

Brevner - “Wish You the Best” artwork

“‘Wish You the Best’ is a personal story about when I discovered my first girlfriend had moved and gotten married through Facebook. The song takes listeners on a journey through the range of emotions I experienced while reflecting on how far I’ve grown since being with her.” – Brevner

We recommend adding Brevner’s “Wish You the Best” single to your personal playlist.

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