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Bravo Bonez releases a nostalgic acid jazz single, entitled, “TREASON,” featuring Alba Rose

Bravo Bonez is a producer, composer, and singer-songwriter based in New Zealand. Not too long ago, he released a nostalgic acid jazz single, entitled, “TREASON,” featuring Alba Rose.

Bravo Bonez – “TREASON” single feat. Alba Rose

“When you threw treason in my face, now I live with this melted pain. This pain of mine, did it thrill you? Am I left on your mind? Or now I’m dead to you too? I’ve nothing to give, you just take, take it all, it all. You stole my resolution; you defied all hope. I wish I could cry right now but I still see your ghost.” – lyrics

‘TREASON’ tells a gloomy tale about a young woman who has nothing left to give. Apparently, so much shame fills her mind as she walks away feeling torturously confined.

‘TREASON’ contains a relatable narrative and pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Brand New Heavies and Jamiroquai. The likable tune possesses bass guitar, drums, and percussion-laden instrumentation flavored with ‘90s neo-soul, acid jazz, and some electro-pop elements. Furthermore, “TREASON” was produced by Greg Haver and Bravo Bonez, and recorded at Roundhead Studios (New Zealand) and PureSound Studios (New Zealand).

“Now I live with this melted shame.”

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“‘TREASON’ is about the discovery of betrayal, and the gaslighting that is begotten out of that. An old but timeless theme. Such a betrayal melts one’s identity.” – Bravo Bonez explained

Bravo Bonez recently returned to the music industry after a long time away. He has three musical identities. Bravo Bonez for production and lofi beats (acid jazz/neo-soul), learningToDive for post-punk and trip-hop-inspired pop, and Haikyo for classically influenced ambient electronica.

“TREASON” single feat. Alba Rose

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