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Blush FM releases a dreamy alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Bounce”

Blush FM is the solo project of New York native Andromeda Hewson (a NY-based singer-songwriter). Not too long ago, she released a dreamy alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Bounce”.

Blush FM – “Bounce” single

“‘Bounce’ was inspired by the idea of resilience. From the initial impact of something happening down to the components that make it actually feel possible to move forward. For me getting over something depends heavily on who I’m around, what kind of conversations we’re having, and what I’m investing my time in after. ‘Bounce’ was a larger realization that adversity is consistent. Also, my time is better invested in being good to the people around me as well as myself.” – Andromeda Hewson 

‘Bounce’ is about the crossroads we face and the steps that follow.

The likable tune contains a relatable storyline, dreamy vocals, and evocative lyrics. Also, it possesses melodic instrumentation scented with an alternative-pop aroma.

“Bounce” single

Blush FM - “Bounce” cover

‘Bounce’ follows on the heels of Blush FM’s “Move” and “Glistening” singles.

The song serves as an introduction to her forthcoming debut EP, entitled, “Project A”, set for release on October 18, 2019.

The project details an account of internal conflicts experienced when in the face of adversity. Also, it grapples with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being resilient.

Blush FM – “Bounce” single

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