Bluebiird press photo
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Bluebiird releases an impressive debut EP, entitled, “When I Loved You”

Bluebiird (the musical alias of Emily Osment) is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an impressive debut EP, entitled, “When I Loved You”.

Bluebiird – “When I Loved You” EP

“It’s hard to explain the way this project came together, mostly because it happened subconsciously, slowly, and over the course of many years. For a very long time, I was writing music alone in my house late at night as a replacement for therapy. And, oh, how it did the trick. Everyone has their own way of dealing with loss, heartbreak, and change. And after trying my hand at a few methods of coping, I landed firmly and thankfully on songwriting. The first song I wrote for Bluebiird that I really, truly believed in was ‘Sailor’. They were many before it, but something about its stream of consciousness lyrics made me want to share it, finally.” – Bluebiird

Bluebiird’s debut single, entitled, “Black Coffee Morning”, give listeners an emphatic introduction to her “When I Loved You” EP.

The five-track project finds the charismatic songstress taking a long, hard look at a love affair. Also, it sees her learning how to separate infatuation from self-worth.


Bluebiird press photo

Emily Osment has been playing different roles in life. Yet, Bluebiird might be her most honest, revealing role so far.

Gilded songwriting with a pop edge, she merges Big Themes with impeccable details.

Also, she has achieved something with the depth of Joni Mitchell or Laura Marling, but with an unmistakably broad appeal.

Bluebiird – “When I Loved You” EP

Bluebiird - “When I Loved You” EP cover

‘When I Loved You’ features two new tunes, entitled, “Honey Heartbreaker” and “Lie Lie Lie”.

The project was produced by Mat Mitchell. Also, it features Zak Rae on keys, Danny Levin on horns/brass, and Nik Hughes on drums.

We recommend adding Bluebiird’s “When I Loved You” EP to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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