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Blank Face Villain releases a boomin’ rap tune, entitled, “Praying in the Club”, featuring rapper G. King

Blank Face Villain is a music producer/multi-instrumentalist from Michigan. Not too long ago, he released a boomin’ rap single, entitled, “Praying in the Club”, featuring rapper G. King.

Blank Face Villain – “Praying in the Club” feat. G. King

“Either do it for the money, do it for the clothes. Do it for the cars, a couple for my bros. When you getting pros, you think that’s how stories go. But it’s never like that, no it’s never like that. I’ve been contemplating, did I wait too long?” – lyrics

‘Praying in the Club’ contains an abstract narrative, lyrical rap vocals, and groovy instrumentation boomin’ with bass, drums, and other hip-hop elements. Also, the song possesses background samples of gospel singers and features Blank Face’s good friend Gary (G. King).

“G. King’s mom would like to clarify that this is ‘praying’ with an ‘A’, and not ‘preying’ an ‘E’. Also, the song starts off with my Grandma praying that I make it safely home and then we hit the club.” – Blank Face Villain

G. King

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“The beat came together smoothly enough. But the biggest roadblock was trying to find vocals to match it. This beat was uptempo, had a groove, and gave off so much energy. I couldn’t create anything on my own so I turned to rapper/Microsoft manager/Anime enthusiast G. King.” – Blank Face Villain 

King and Blank Face Villain met at Michigan University, the place where they started creating music together.

“One of the first songs I recorded for G. King was ‘Realigion’. I lifted the hook for that song to make it the hook for this song. The other two verses came from his project, ‘Art Thou Holy’. With so many religious references, it felt like I was clubbing in a church or perhaps praying in the club. We hope you can appreciate the different layers and meanings, but if not, feel free to just nod your head and vibe.” – Blank Face Villain

“Beets . Memes . Life .”

Blank Face Villain - “Beets . Memes . Life .” artwork

‘Praying in the Club’ is featured on Blank Face Villain’s project, entitled, “Beets . Memes . Life .” The entire project was produced by Blank Face featuring G. King on half of the songs.

Get acquainted with Blank Face Villain’s music by streaming his “Beets . Memes . Life .” project via Spotify.

“Beets . Memes . Life .”

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