Bknott press photo by @hailhanzo
Photo by @hailhanzo

Bknott releases an entertaining music video for his “Ambrosia” single

Bknott is a contemporary rap artist from Birmingham, Alabama. Not too long ago, he released an entertaining music video for his “Ambrosia” single, produced by Desmond Niboh.

Bknott – “Ambrosia” music video

“I step off the plane to that pack, I’m trading my words for some racks. I travel the world around the globe while putting my team on the map, I keep on going till I’m dead with a toe tag. It’s not my time, refine my grind using my mind, this year we shine. ‘Bout to turn it up a notch. I need a new watch. I just need to watch. The one with that pot. Food for your thought. I’m feeding the block.” – lyrics

The @whoisdonsmith-directed audiovisual envisions Brooklyn (New York) during the 1970s and evokes a goodbye to a summer lost in time.

‘Ambrosia’ contains a relatable storyline, conversational rap vocals, and tuneful melodies.

Also, the likable song possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a contemporary hip-hop aroma.

“I got more game than all the coaches at your school”  

Bknott - “Ambrosia” cover

“‘Ambrosia’ is about renaissance man telling the world that he’s going to get to where he needs to be regardless. This renaissance man just happens to be a reincarnated soul from 1977.” – Bknott

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