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Bjorn Rydhog releases a happy indie-pop tune, entitled, “Fun, Fun, Fun”

Bjorn Rydhog is a singer-songwriter from Malmö in Sweden. Not too long ago, he released “Fun, Fun, Fun”, a happy indie-pop tune from his debut EP, entitled, “There’s Light in Everything”.

Bjorn Rydhog – “Fun, Fun, Fun”

“‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ is about enjoying life while we have the opportunity. Because life is short and we never know when we have to go.” – Bjorn Rydhog

‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ contains a relatable storyline, delicate vocals, and a guitar-driven instrumentation flavored with retro and nostalgic elements.

Bjorn Rydhog – “There’s a Light in Everything”

Bjorn Rydhog + There’s Light in Everything EP artwork

“Some of the most challenging parts for me as an artist is to get critique and stand out from the crowd, meaning that all kind of feedback is a challenge. However, I understand it´s more important that I can express myself through music than to follow the demons in my mind.” – Bjorn Rydhog

Celebration and meditation are two main ingredients used in the creation of Bjorn Rydhog’s music. His delicate sound fits somewhere in the indie-pop section of the Swedish music scene. Also, listeners of ABBA, Jens Lekman, Bob Dylan, and Bon Iver might consider his music to be of some interest. Check out Bjorn Rydhog’s “There’s Light in Everything” EP via Spotify.  

“There’s Light in Everything” EP

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