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Big Boss Blossom Releases a Thought-Provoking Rap Single, “The Lonely Child,” featuring ATL Jacob

Big Boss Blossom (@bigbossblossom or Shakera Robinson) is a rising rap artist from Buffalo, New York. Not too long ago, she released a thought-provoking rap single, “The Lonely Child,” featuring ATL Jacob via Big Boss Blossom LLC.

Big Boss Blossom – “The Lonely Child” single featuring Atl Jacob

“They say the bond between a mother and a child is supposed to fill the room with energy, the silence be so loud. But she ain’t ask for life, you gave it to me f*** we supposed to do now.” – lyrics

“The Lonely Child” is a conscious rap song that delves into the complexities of a strained relationship between a mother and child. It explores the emotions of feeling alone and abandoned, with lyrics that resonate deeply with anyone who has experienced such hardships.

From a young age, Big Boss Blossom has had to navigate life as a warrior with the mindset to make it out of any battle. This strength and resilience shine through in her music, making her an artist who speaks to the struggles and triumphs of women’s empowerment.

“This is a pain song,” Big Boss Blossom stated. Later, she raps passionately, “Since a youngin’ I’ve been living on my own…that’s how it feels when you ain’t got no one to call when you at home. The lonely child, the lonely one misunderstood but they gon’ hear me now.”

“People don’t like to see you do better than them.”

Big Boss Blossom press photo
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Big Boss Blossom’s journey as an artist has been shaped by the challenges she faced growing up in Buffalo. Her music reflects her boss mentality and serves as a powerful voice for those seeking empowerment and strength.

Through her music, Blossom invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences and find solace in the shared struggles of life. Her powerful lyrics and captivating delivery make her an artist to watch in the rap industry.

Big Boss Blossom – “Versatile” EP

Big Boss Blossom - “Versatile” EP cover art

“The Lonely Child” is featured on Big Boss Blossom’s latest EP, “Versatile,” which showcases her adaptability as an artist and her capability to connect with listeners on a mutual level.

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