BIBI & Jackson Wang – “Feeling Lucky” press photo

Fall in Love with BIBI and Jackson Wang’s New K-pop Single, “Feeling Lucky”

BIBI (@nakedbibi) is a popular singer-songwriter and actor based in South Korea. Jackson Wang (@jacksonwang852g7) is a famous artist/performer from Hong Kong. Not too long ago, they released a wonderful music video for their sensual K-pop single, “Feeling Lucky.”

BIBI & Jackson Wang – “Feeling Lucky” MV

“Feeling Lucky” captures the intense emotions that come with a passionate love connection. With lines like “something about the way you kiss it, don’t ever stop” and “you know what to do, and you know what to say,” listeners can’t help but fall in love with the intoxicating power of desire.

BIBI and Jackson Wang’s chemistry is intense as they effortlessly convey the longing and excitement that comes when you feel lucky. The chorus emphasizes the mutual infatuation between the two artists by highlighting the intense longing they feel for each other even when they are apart. “The way you think about me, I think about you, I do, it’s true,” they sing passionately.

“Feeling Lucky” also delves into the bittersweet nature of their relationship. The lyrics further express the conflicting emotions that arise when they have to say goodbye, knowing that they will miss each other. Yet, they can’t resist the magnetic pull that keeps them coming back for more. “It’s bittersweet, every time you’re leaving. I say goodbye and turn around because you know I need it.”

“When you’re away, I’m always thinking ‘bout you.”

BIBI & Jackson Wang – “Feeling Lucky” press photo

“Feeling Lucky” reflects the addictive nature of BIBI and Jackson’s connection, comparing it to a favorite song they can’t help but replay. It’s a testament to the depth of their feelings and the joy they find in each other’s presence.

As the song comes to a close, the lyrics convey a sense of gratitude for finding one another. They acknowledge that even when the music stops playing, the impact of their connection will endure. “When it’s all over and the tape won’t run, I’ll be glad I found you.”

BIBI & Jackson Wang debuted “Feeling Lucky” live at Coachella 2024. The audience went wild over it, generating an enormous buzz.

BIBI & Jackson Wang – “Feeling Lucky” – Live at Coachella 2024

Bibi and Jackson Wang’s collaboration on “Feeling Lucky” showcases their immense talent and chemistry. Their combined artistry and passion create a captivating experience for listeners and viewers alike.

With their heartfelt sound, Bibi and Wang have proven once again why they are celebrated artists in the K-pop industry. “Feeling Lucky” is a testament to their ever-rising star power. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of passion and desire, give “Feeling Lucky” a listen. Bibi and Jackson Wang will take you on a ride you won’t soon forget.

BIBI – “Lowlife Princess Noir” album

BIBI - “Lowlife Princess Noir” album

“Feeling Lucky” follows on the heels of BIBI’s massive debut album release, “Lowlife Princess Noir.” Her hit single from the album, “BIBI Vengeance,” has 146M+ streams on Spotify alone and 55M+ views on YouTube. BIBI also has 5.5M+ monthly listeners on Spotify alone and recently released her hit single, “Amigos,” with award-winning artist Becky G.


If you’re not familiar with BIBI, she’s made some major noise with her unique brand of edgy, indie-inspired pop. She has an amazing sound and look.


BIBI press photo

BIBI is the first South Korean female solo R&B artist to chart on the US Top 40 radio, and break into the Top 30, with the highest peak position being #29. Her single, “The Weekend,” charted on All Access Top 40/Mainstream Cool New Music at a peak of #3 and played on radio stations across the nation including KIIS LA, Ryan Seacrest’s “America’s Top 40,” Most Requested Live, and iHeart Radio’s “The Vibe.” She brings a much welcomed, fresh, and new energy to the K-pop space.

BIBI & Jackson Wang – “Feeling Lucky” single

BIBI & Jackson Wang – “Feeling Lucky" cover art

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