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Betty Jane releases a lovely retro-soul single, entitled, “Too Good”

Betty Jane is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter based in New York. Not too long ago, she released a lovely retro-soul single, titled, “Too Good,” inspired by soul ballads, old and new.

Betty Jane – “Too Good” single

“Couldn’t stay away from you, even though I tried. Knew you were a bad idea, but my heart said otherwise. Told you it’ll never work, the writings on the wall. Didn’t matter what I said, it couldn’t break my fall. Oh, ignorance is blissful belief. But what you get ain’t always what you see.” – lyrics

‘Too Good’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who believes when something seems too good to be true, it always is. She also knows the relationship she shares with her partner won’t work just because they want it to. No. Successful relationships take a lot of hard work, dedication, and loyalty. Certain strengths her partner might not possess. With a heavy heart, she later admits, “Judge a book by its cover, appearances deceive. When it comes to lovers, things aren’t what they seem. Perfect from the outside tends to fall apart. Happy endings always end with broken hearts.”

‘Too Good’ contains ear-pleasing soul vocals, tuneful melodies, and a relationship-based narrative that will resonate well with fans of Amy Winehouse, Lake Street Dive, The Flamingos, Billy Vera, and The Beaters. The emotional tune possesses saturated drums and a four-part heavy-duty horn section that brings the track to a whole new sonic level. Furthermore, “Too Good” serves as a savory taste of what’s to come from Betty Jane in the near future as she continues to release new music.

“What you get ain’t always what you see.”

Betty Jane press photo

“The ‘Instagram vs reality’ ballad for relationships that are just too good to be true. A few years ago, some of the most seemingly rock-solid relationships in my world crumbled. Friends were divorcing left and right… and in many cases, it was the couples I’d thought of as ‘perfect!’ I was shocked. I wrote ‘Too Good’ in an effort to understand these breakups. What are we willing to put up with in relationships? And what kinds of trouble are we consciously willing to get ourselves into? I hope this song empowers listeners to face their truth, communicate honestly, and feel relieved that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.” – Betty Jane explained

One of Betty Jane’s earliest memories is of flipping through her dad’s vinyl collection of Motown and soul records. “My parents only brought me to church so I could sing in the choir,” she laughs. “While the normal families stayed for the service, we’d duck out as soon as I was done and head home to spend that sacred day blasting soul music.” A different, but no less powerful, kind of gospel. It’s no wonder that, despite years of classical studies in voice and piano, Betty ended up eschewing the traditional in order to immerse herself in the more familiar genres of jazz, rock, and soul.

“When something seems too good to be true, well, it always is.”

Betty Jane - “Too Good” cover art

Betty Jane’s early gospel and Motown influences are on clear display in her music. Featuring some of NYC’s most illustrious session musicians, and highlighting Betty’s harmonic prowess via vibrant background vocals, her songs mix retro soul, girl group sound, and edgy pop-rock to create a modern version of the tunes you might’ve found her family enjoying back in the day.

What you won’t find here are 1960s lyrics. Rather than reinforce a sugar-coated version of commitment, Betty Jane relishes writing about love’s raw truth. Real relationships aren’t like the illusion of perfection we see on social media, so why should love songs be? Betty’s music explores emotional authenticity, inviting listeners to question the notion of fairytale romance and instead consider the shared experience of uncertainty – and the heart’s paradoxical capacity for hope.

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