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Berith releases an evergreen love ballad, entitled, “You Could Be Mine”

Berith is a singer-songwriter and bandleader from North Askøy, Norway. Not too long ago, she released an evergreen love ballad, entitled, “You Could Be Mine”.

Berith – “You Could Be Mine” single

“In another place or time, I would hold you. In another world, you could be mine. Then I would know, how it would feel when you put your hand in mine. I want to see, love light up your eyes. I want to see you smiling to the world. Every child needs hope to trust the future.” – lyrics

‘You Could Be Mine’ tells an adorable tale of a young woman who sees a child walking down her street every morning.

From the look of things, the child seems unhappy because he never smiles. His dire appearance touches the woman’s heart and encourages her to want to get to know him.

Later, she admits that she dreams about him every night, and wants to show him that there are happiness and love in the world.

‘You Could Be Mine’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and lush instrumentation scented with an evergreen fragrance of love.

Berith – “You Could Be Mine” single

Berith - “You Could Be Mine” cover art

“‘You Could Be Mine’ is a song about longing. About having so much to give, but none that special to give it to. This story includes a neglected child, a longing, and a wish to make a difference in the world through loving care of a child.” – Berith

Berith gathers inspiration from both her native Norwegian roots and Celtic and American traditions.

She lives where her family of sailors, fishermen, and farmers has lived for hundreds of years. The location is as far out into the North Sea as one can get without a boat.

With her acoustic guitar and melodeon, Berith has traveled the fjords and weather-beaten west coast of Norway since her teens.

Not too long ago, she partnered with a bunch of musicians to form her band. The members include Dag Atle Håland (mandolin, guitars, and backing vocals), Endre Aasebø (guitars, banjo, and backing vocals), Svein Henning Berstad (bass and backing vocals), and Anders Vengen Jensen (drums, percussion, and backing vocals).

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