Bentle - “Darkest Blue” press photo

Bentle releases a dreamy electro-pop single, entitled, “Darkest Blue”

Bentle is the project of Josh McVey, a singer-songwriter and producer from Brisbane, Australia. Not too long ago, the New York City-based up-and-comer released a dreamy electro-pop single, titled, “Darkest Blue.”

Bentle – “Darkest Blue” single

“‘Darkest Blue’ is very much about the connection between color, texture, and circumstance. There have been a few times over the past year where it feels like I’m not able to stop myself from sinking or falling into a certain state of mind or state of being. ‘Darkest Blue’ is kind of an exploration of that falling sinking feeling and what it would feel like if I embraced it. The visual I had when writing the song was that I fell into the night sky (which was scary and unknown). But I woke up in this ethereal new environment where, though it was still unknown, it was equally intriguing and enlightening.” – Bentle explained

‘Darkest Blue’ simmers with hypnotic pop production, wavy synths, and ear-pleasing vocals. The captivating tune possesses thudding drums and groovy bass-laden instrumentation flavored with electro-pop and contemporary dance elements. Furthermore, “Darkest Blue” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Bentle’s upcoming debut EP.


Bentle - “Darkest Blue” press photo

Bentle delivers glowing indie-pop tunes packed with reflective and introspective lyricism. He’s been laying a foundation over the past few years with several single releases including his 2021 hit, “MONDO.”

“Darkest Blue” single

Bentle - “Darkest Blue” cover art

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