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Ben Hunter releases a music video for his “Help” single featuring Asher Grey

Ben Hunter is a rapper from London, England. Not too long ago, he released a thought-provoking music video for his “Help” single featuring singer Asher Grey.

Ben Hunter – “Help” music video featuring Asher Grey

‘Help’ finds Ben Hunter rapping about day-to-day life with dark, introspective undertones.

He describes the struggles we all face while encouraging listeners to see themselves in other people. Also, the song dissects his experiences and serves as an inspiration to empowering the next generation.

‘Help’ contains a thoughtful narrative, conversational rap vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses luxurious instrumentation scented with a warm contemporary rap aroma.

Ben Hunter

Ben Hunter press photo

‘Help’ is a track I wrote to describe the struggles we all face currently with a view to encouraging people to see themselves in other people. I shot the video to reflect this by playing a number of different characters you would come across in London, all narrating the city from their angle. I hoped to set the record with the political backdrop of Brexit, to bring the lyrics to life, poke fun at MP’s, and show the power that change can have. Also, the track is an anthem for change. I hope it can help lift people’s spirits and bring us together to solve some of the issues we all face.” – Ben Hunter

Ben Hunter is a name you should remember. His determination, true grit, and ability to connect with his audience at a conscious level makes him relevant. 

‘Help’ follows on the heels of his previous single, “Hope”, used to campaign for the charity CALM to help raise awareness of male suicide rates in the U.K.


Ben Hunter - “Help” cover featuring Asher Grey

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