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Belis releases a boomin’ contemporary rap tune, entitled, “Lemonade”

Belis is a rising hip-hop artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. Not too long ago, she released a boomin’ contemporary rap tune, entitled, “Lemonade”, produced by Chris Surreal & Charlie Shuffler.

Belis – “Lemonade” single

“Tell me, what’s your everyday? Kodone painting my suitcase and you know that sh*t is rare just like me showin’ my face. I don’t go just any place, I go where money is located. I know why you afraid, you spend your hours getting faded. Talk ’bout, ‘Why you get so hated?’ Baby, I won’t trade today. I seen a bunch of faces, b*tch, and somehow yours is fadin’.” – lyrics

‘Lemonade’ finds Belis feeling amazingly wonderful while keeping it all-the-way real.

During the song, she addresses haters who are mad because they’re aren’t getting paid enough or get motivated when they receive a little payment.

Also, she highlights the fact that she’s busy—traveling. Plus, she doesn’t have the time of day to entertainment anything that doesn’t involve getting money.

‘Lemonade’ contains a relatable storyline, braggadocious rap vocals, and boomin’ instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, trap, and contemporary rap elements.


Belis - Lemonade cover

So far, “Lemonade” has amassed over 560K plays via Soundcloud, and it is the track that Belis’s fans resonate with the most.

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