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How To Become An Outstanding Jazz Singer

Want to become a good jazz singer? If your answer is yes, then you need to gain control over a variety of things such as your breath and the way you speak. Apart from your breath and the way you speak, you also need to work on a lot of other things which are important for bringing perfection to your voice.

Becoming An Outstanding Jazz Singer

Becoming a jazz singer is no different from becoming a blues singer or a rock singer. You have to put equal efforts in shaping your voice and learning notes. No matter which music genre (jazz, blues, rock, and pop etc.) you are associated with, if you are a vocalist you should work extremely hard when it comes to singing a song alone or with a group of musicians.

                There are several techniques that can bring a drastic change in the way you sing songs if you implement them correctly. As a jazz singer, you must be perfect in your singing if you want to set the stage on fire. Read on to find out all those important tips which can help you in becoming a good jazz singer.

Learn How to Control Your Breath While Singing

The way you breathe can make a huge impact on the way you sing. You should learn the art of breathing properly so that you can sing correctly. All good singers are known for having the ability to hold their breath for a longer period when compared to normal people.

The way you stand in a place has a tremendous impact on your breathing. So, stand straight while singing a song so you can hold your breath for a long period.

In short, practicing the art of how to hold your breath can improve your singing ability in a big way.

Pick Songs You Are Comfortable With

In the beginning, it’s important to practice songs you can sing comfortably. If you start practicing difficult songs, or songs that require you to put more effort at the beginning itself, then you might find it difficult to proceed in the direction of improving your singing ability. However, if you practice simple yet melodious songs in your rehearsal room, you will enjoy doing so and will improve very fast.

Listen to Your Favorite Jazz Singers Regularly

Take time to listen to songs sung by your favorite singers. This will bring a lot of changes in the way you sing because you will start imitating them. Apart from listening to your favorite singers, you should also listen to songs sung by other popular jazz singers. No matter whether you like a singer or not, if he/she is popular means they have something unique in their voice and style. And it’s always cool to enroll in jazz music Programs.

Watch Videos Containing Live Performances

Watch videos that contain live performances because they are important when it comes to enhancing your confidence. By doing so, you will learn the art of singing in front of many people. It’s important for you to understand that good jazz singers shouldn’t only have a great voice, but they must be great performers as well.

Identify Your Weaknesses & Work on Them

Everyone has their weaknesses and the same applies to you. So, figure them out and start working on them. Once you know your problem, you will be able to improve yourself. If in case, you can’t sing a song well, keep practicing that song repeatedly in your free time. This will help you defeat your weaknesses.

Order A Songbook

It’s always a great idea to buy a songbook that contains the songs of great jazz artists. Having a songbook is a great way to know more about the songs of those artists who have made immense contributions to the music industry.

Work on Lyrics & Melody

If you are planning to give a stage performance, it’s extremely important to work on the melody of a jazz standard, apart from learning the lyrics. You will perform better if you remember the lyrics.

Stay Calm During Your Performance

One of the best ways to become a perfect jazz singer is to stay calm during your performance. No matter where you are performing (on the stage or at home) you must learn how to remain calm, otherwise, you won’t be able to give your hundred percent and will eventually fail to satisfy your audience.

Last but not least, if you get disturbed or nervous on stage, it will ruin your performance and create a lot of embarrassment for you. No one wants to get embarrassed in front of the audience, so it’s important to work on how to control such thoughts which make you nervous.

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