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BB Thomaz and Re:mind release an appealing music video for their “Love Is” single

BB Thomaz (Béatrice Thomas) is a German-American singer-songwriter and producer from New York City. Not too long ago, she and (producer) Re:mind released an appealing music video for their “Love Is” single.

BB Thomaz and Re:mind – “Love Is” music video

“Dry your tears babe, ‘cause I know that, everything will be ok. We gotta let it flow, gotta let go. ‘Cause everybody is so tired of the fighting, of the violence – they wanna let it go. Can we all come together now and feel like one?” – lyrics

‘Love Is’ encourages listeners to relax, embrace love, and also feel good about themselves. The song urges people to come together in one place, where no one is judged by their skin color or killed because of their culture or religion.

‘Love Is’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Beyoncé and Ariana Grande. The likable tune possesses rhythmic instrumentation flavored with afrobeats and tropical R&B elements. Furthermore, “Love Is” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from BB Thomaz in the near future as she continues to release new music.

“Put your lighters up, baby, one more time if you feel alright like me.”

BB Thomaz graduated from the University of Munich with a Master’s in Musicology. But life for BB as a little girl wasn’t easy. At the age of six, she moved to Germany, where she suffered years of physical and mental abuse. At the age of 16, she ran away from home and became dependent on herself. She wasn’t scared at all because anything was better than staying with her family. At home, she wasn’t allowed out of her room. Also, she was constantly being told that she wasn’t worth anything, that she should kill herself, and she couldn’t sing.

BB Thomaz

BB Thomaz press photo

“This song is about LOVE…love for each other, respect, acceptance, empathy…Understanding that you always have the choice between love and fear.” – BB Thomaz explained

BB Thomaz has proved the naysayers wrong. Not too long ago, she received the German Rock & Pop Prize 2016 and made it to The Voice of Germany finals. This success allowed her to work with Yvonne Catterfeld, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, and Ed Sheeran. Currently, BB is participating in the Eurovision Song Contest pre-round for Germany. Her songs tell deep and meaningful stories about strength, healing, and hope.

“Love Is” single

BB Thomaz and Re-mind - “Love Is” song cover art

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