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Barry Manilow releases a lyric video for his “When the Good Times Come Again” single

Barry Manilow is a GRAMMY®, TONY®, and EMMY® Award-winning singer-songwriter, musician, and Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, he released a lyric video for his “When the Good Times Come Again” single.

Barry Manilow – “When the Good Times Come Again” lyric video (sent by a fan in Israel)

“Every rainbow has to have an end. A pot of gold or dreams foretold may not be there my friend. In this high and mighty world we live in, sometimes we have to break. Sometimes we have to bend until the good times come again. I’ll see you then, when the good times come again. When you and I have made it back from the people and the places we have been. I’ll see you then when the good times come again.” – lyrics

‘When the Good Times Come Again’ tells an evergreen tale of a guy who reminds his significant other to acknowledge the fact that the door they go out of is the same door they will come in. Therefore, patience must be practice because in due time they will be together again having fun.

‘When the Good Times Come Again’ serves as the perfect song for the state that we are currently living in. Full of hope and optimism, the easy-listening tune contains an unforgettable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and heart-shaped melodies. Furthermore, the song possesses piano-driven instrumentation scented with a nostalgic pop aroma.

Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow press photo

Barry Manilow has triumphed in every medium of entertainment. He is one of the world’s all-time bestselling recording artists with worldwide sales of more than 85 million records, and his concerts sell out instantly.

To date, 29 of Manilow’s albums have been certified platinum, while BARRY MANLOW/LIVE (1977), EVEN NOW (1978), and GREATEST HITS (1978) are each certified triple platinum. Also, every album produced by Manilow for other artists including Bette Midler, Nancy Wilson, and Dionne Warwick has been nominated for Grammy® Awards.

In June 2002, Manilow was inducted into the National Academy of Popular Music’s Songwriters Hall of Fame alongside Ashford & Simpson, Michael Jackson, Randy Newman, and Sting. Shortly afterward, he was inducted into the Great American Songbook Hall of Fame.

“The Showman of Our Generation” (Rolling Stones)

Barry Manilow press photo

Manilow’s current residency in Las Vegas, MANILOW: LAS VEGAS – The Hits Come Home! made its debut in May 2018 to rave reviews and sold-out audiences. Also, it was awarded the Best of Las Vegas awards for Best Resident Performer/Headliner and Best New Show.

His next project for the theater will be HARMONY, set to make its New York theater debut in 2020. HARMONY tells the true story of The Comedian Harmonists, a close harmony ensemble of six young men in 1930s Germany, who took the world by storm until their religious composition – a mixture of Jews and Gentiles – put them on a collision course with history.

Furthermore, “When the Good Times Come Again” is featured on Barry Manilow’s 1989 self-titled album.

“Barry Manilow” album

Barry Manilow album cover

“Hope we both survive the world out there. You’ll never know what wind will blow. So don’t forget I care. And don’t forget the way we felt together. Sometimes we have to hold to all the good that’s been. I’ll see you then when the good times come again.” – lyrics

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