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Baloji releases a rhythmic afro-electro tune, entitled, “Spotlight & Miroir”, featuring Marshall Dixon & Poison Mobutu

Baloji is a Congolese-born artist based in Belgium. Not too long ago, he released a rhythmic afro-electro tune, entitled, “Spotlight & Miroir”, featuring Marshall Dixon & Poison Mobutu.

Baloji – “Spotlight & Miroir” featuring Marshall Dixon & Poison Mobutu

‘Spotlight & Miroir’ is an afro-electro tune from Baloji’s upcoming album, entitled, “Kaniama: The Yellow Version”.

The original “Spotlight” single comes from his previous album, entitled, “137 Avenue Kaniama”.

Also, Bella Union (the record label) will be re-releasing the album as the artist originally intended it, as a one-track mixtape on May 3, 2019.

‘Spotlight & Miroir’ contains harmonious vocals and rhythmic instrumentation flavored with afrobeat, world, and electronic elements.

Baloji – “Spotlight & Miroir” single

Baloji - “Spotlight & Miroir” artwork

Baloji is an artist in motion, a musician, poet, film director, and man of many images and ideas.

His name (Baloji) means man of science in Swahili but shifted during the colonial period to the man of the occult sciences and sorcery.

Also, his musical influences include Outkast, LCD Soundsystem, African rumba king Tabu Ley Rochereau, and salsa music legends Fania Records.

Baloji mixes hip-hop culture with Congolese guitars and a melodic approach with some French chanson structure.

His perpetual motion is showcased in music videos like “Soleil De Volt,” where he fronts a satirical variety show band with flamboyant flair. Also, apparent in his sharp curation of Komono eyewear collections.

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