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Balcony Weekend releases a lovely indie-pop single, entitled, “Imagine”

Balcony Weekend (Labit & LeyeT) is a two-piece musical outfit based in California. Not too long ago, they released a lovely indie-pop single, titled, “Imagine.”

Balcony Weekend – “Imagine” single

“Voice in the back of my mind, wish it would come out sometimes, and say it louder straight to my face. Meet me same time new place. Sweat in the crease of my skin. Head up in the clouds again. Letting go of I don’t know what. It wasn’t really that important. Imagine doing nothing and loving it, and loving it, imagine that life. And picture telling your friends you’re over it, so over it, and changing this time. Imagine that life.” – lyrics

‘Imagine’ contains a dreamy narrative and ear-welcoming vocals that will resonate well with music lovers worldwide. The easy-going tune possesses organic drums, electric guitar, and a Rhodes piano that feels like daydreaming while lying in the grass or on the beach. Furthermore, “Imagine” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Balcony Weekend in the near future as they continue to release new music.

“Imagine doing nothing and loving it.”

Balcony Weekend press photo

“Being happy doing nothing is harder than it seems… at least for us. Imagine is about discovering how to be content in the day-to-day instead of living in the past or future.” – Balcony Weekend stated

Balcony Weekend is two SoCal natives that met through mutual friends and quickly ended up becoming close friends and co-writing partners. After a short weekend trip to San Clemente with just an acoustic guitar sitting out on an oceanfront balcony, they ended up writing what turned into the beginning of Balcony Weekend.

The duo debuted in 2021, releasing two EPs: “Remember Everything” and “a little bit, always.” Their tracks – Acoustic Summer, Relax, and Hiking secured spots on Apple’s playlist. As well as Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Pop (3x).

“Imagine” single

Balcony Weekend - “Imagine” song cover

“I hate that I complain to my phone when I really need to try some meditation alone. Working 24/7 and I’m scared of what the cost is. I wanna be with you but I’m f****** exhausted. Maybe next year will be the best of my life. And maybe you and I could meet somewhere down the line. Or maybe I’m just saying that to make it alright. Whatever helps me sleep at night.” – lyrics

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