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Bad Saint releases a spirited holiday tune, entitled, “Cover Your Shift”

Bad Saint is a singer-songwriter based in Seattle, WA, and also the brainchild of Tess Freedel. Not too long ago, she released a spirited holiday tune, entitled, “Cover Your Shift”.

Bad Saint – “Cover Your Shift”

“Please don’t ask me to cover your shift. I’ve got my own friends that I’m gonna miss. Please don’t ask me to cover your shift. I’ve got my own family and they’d throw a fit.” – lyrics

‘Cover Your Shift’ tells the tale of working-class non-Christians in America who have to deal with seasonal appeals for shift coverage during Christmas time. Every year after Halloween, their co-workers become friendlier, coffee runs complimentary, and new haircuts get a little extra attention in the eternal pursuit of holiday shift coverage.

‘Cover Your Shift’ contains a relatable storyline, sweet pop vocals, and happy instrumentation flavored with sparkling bells and rhythmic drums.

Bad Saint – “Cover Your Shift”

Bad Saint – “Cover Your Shift” artwork

“This year, add ‘Cover Your Shift’ to your holiday playlist as a friendly reminder that the non-Christian world just wants to chill during the holiday season too.” – Bad Saint

Bad Saint makes songs for the car, the shower, for buying leather jackets online and praying they fit. Her lush harmonies and catchy melodies sound best while heading south on I-5 at 70 mph on a Tuesday in March.

We recommend adding Bad Saint’s “Cover Your Shift” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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