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Baba Ali releases a lyric video for his electronic single, entitled, “Nothing”

Baba Ali is an artist hard to pin down to one specific genre. Not too long ago, he released a lyric video for his electronic single, entitled, “Nothing”.

Baba Ali – “Nothing” single

“It’s easy to love, when you’re not committed. This ain’t about chemistry, just a matter of physics. White weddings and doves, it’s just an illusion. It hurts to love, but it’s better than nothing.” – lyrics

‘Nothing’ tells an interesting tale of love, which is better to have than not to have it.

Sometimes it’s rough and sometimes it’s pleasant. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it feels wonderful. But no matter what—love is needed and without it, this world would be in a dire state.

‘Nothing’ contains a thought-provoking storyline and vibey instrumentation flavored with R&B, retro-soul, funk, and electronic elements.

Baba Ali – “Nothing” single

Baba Ali – “Nothing” artwork

“The song is about the necessity of love, the battle to keep it, the frustrations, the highs, the lows. All that makes it beautiful and valuable in the end. Love is WORK.” – Baba Ali

Baba Ali’s stellar one-man live performances have gained admiration from critics, fans, and artists alike.

So far, he’s played alongside a wide range of acts including Gold Panda, Kele Okereke, Nick Hakim, Shigeto, and Open Mike Eagle.

We recommend adding Baba Ali’s “Nothing” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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