Aystar is a rapper outta Liverpool, United Kingdom. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Kop That Shit”, a song from his “Scousematic 2” mixtape.

Aystar – “Kop That shit”

The artist’s street-savvy lyrics and southpaw delivery mesh well the hypnotic beat. Also, his braggadocios wordplay is witty while urging fans to buy his music.


“You know how many people listen to my shit? No you don’t. ‘Cause I don’t even know. I just know it’s f*cking loads, every city that I go. They be whippin’ out their phones, wanting pictures. I came up from nothin’ and now you see me on the roads to riches. And you hatin’ ass ni^^as, I be f*cking all your b*tches.”



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