Ayoni press photo
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Ayoni releases a sensational disco R&B anthem, entitled, “Vision”

Ayoni is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Barbados, a small island in the eastern Caribbean. Not too long ago, she released a sensational disco R&B anthem, titled, “Vision.”

Ayoni – “Vision” single

“A celebratory closer, ‘Vision’ is a manifestation song. Written at a time when I had no idea where I would land in this industry and sought to expand my team. This song was a personal reminder to trust the process and envision a limitless future for myself. Since writing it, I’ve ended up exactly where I knew I could be, and I hope this project catapults me even further forward. I’ve always struggled to appreciate steady growth, especially in a world that worships clout, but this song has really pushed me to prioritize the process and to draw confidence from my ability to see my visions through – not my ability to be seen. I hope the people who enjoy my music will join me in celebrating life on ‘Vision,’ and ‘The Vision’ EP as a whole.” – Ayoni explained

‘Vision’ celebrates Ayoni’s odyssey within her personal perceptions and the translation of those understandings into her career. The dreamy tune contains an introspective narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Yebba, Donna Missal, Celeste, and Donna Summer. Also, “Vision” possesses funky guitars and groovy-bass-laden instrumentation flavored with disco-R&B, retro dance, and nostalgic pop elements. Furthermore, the song is featured on Ayoni’s new five-track EP, entitled, “The Vision.”

Ayoni – “The Vision” EP

Ayoni - “The Vision” EP cover art

“‘The ‘Vision’ EP is an entrance into a new sonic and thematic space for me. Since my debut EP, ‘Iridescent,’ I’ve fallen deeper into the rabbit hole of adulthood and come to intimately know the loneliness and confusion that dwells simultaneously alongside the novelty and joy of forging my own path in this world. Psychedelically indulgent and sonically mature, ‘The Vision’ EP marks my arrival into a more intentional and ambitious production as I welcome my audience to consider with me what it takes to see a vision through. This EP is about celebrating The Endured. I hope this project could be the soundtrack to someone’s spiritual evolution and an encouragement to myself and others not to fear taking up space in this world.” – Ayoni explained

The project is a testament to manifestation, prosperity, and cultivation of the self. The cohesion of the collection is found in the introspective and resolute tenacity of Ayoni’s deeply intentional production and songwriting. She balances illustrating the narrative of her life creatively with authentic anecdotes as lyrical inspiration.

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Ayoni has lived in Singapore, Indonesia, and America. She frequently draws on her experiences as both a young, Black woman and an immigrant to guide her musical journey. With electricity, brightness, and confidence, Ayoni pushes sonic boundaries by infusing moody, ethereal pop with the soul of her native island. Inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Etta James, Ayoni has been featured on major Spotify playlists, including +10 New Music Fridays, Fresh Finds, Fresh Folk, and Best Indie Songs of 2020.


Ayoni press photo
Photo by Caleb Griffin

“I am iridescent. This is my coming of age and an extended invitation to those who want to experience the world I’ve created for myself.” – Ayoni stated

Ayoni seeks connection and sincere storytelling in her music. From a young age, there was a natural presumption of Ayoni’s future in music. An irresistible draw, the music flows passionately through the artist’s soul and serves as a mirror of self-discovery. Consistently focused on the potential of the next project, Ayoni fuses organic creativity to challenge worldly narratives and alter perspectives.

Ayoni press photo
Photo by Caleb Griffin

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