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AYA releases a cross-cultural pop tune, entitled, “ELOJE” featuring Falle Nioke

AYA is an East London-based sister duo. Not too long ago, they released a cross-cultural pop tune, entitled, “ELOJE” featuring Guinea-born singer Falle Nioke.

AYA – “ELOJE” featuring Falle Nioke

“Translated as representing the people, ‘ELOJE’ is a song for our time. Calling out for peace and harmony with its cross-cultural rousing alchemy.” – AYA

‘ELOJE’ contains a unique blend of AYA’s sweet melodies and Nioke’s ancestral chants. Also, the inspiring single possesses an inspiring storyline and a minimal, bass-heavy instrumentation perfumed with buildups of international sounds. The optimistic song prays for the awakening of world consciousness which would be beneficial to planet Earth.

AYA + Falle Nioke

AYA – “ELOJE” featuring Falle Nioke

AYA met Falle Nioke in January 2018, while working at Johan Hugo’s Electric Beach Studio. Right there and then, Nioke connected with the tune and started chanting what would eventually become the chorus.

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