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Avamay releases their debut single, entitled, “The Devil”

Avamay is an indie-pop duo based in London, England. Not too long ago, they released their debut single, entitled, “The Devil”.

Avamay – “The Devil”

“Take this mind and make it all right. Remove me of my distorted sight. I am desperate for your inclusion, yet I still feed you false illusion. Free me from your choke hold. How long has it been since I sold you my soul? I’m sure the devil would show me more love, reveal to me things I’m still worthy of.” – lyrics

‘The Devil’ contains an abstract storyline, dreamy vocals, and cloudy instrumentation flavored with western/surf-inspired guitar, easy-going drums, and haunting countermelodies. Also, the shadowy tune takes listeners into a murky world where a young woman finds it difficult coping with her mental-health issue.

Avamay – “The Devil”

Avamay – “The Devil” artwork

“The words are a monstrous personification of doubt, obsession, low self-esteem, and other negative thoughts in one’s head. This ‘creature’ is then compared to the Devil himself, with the idea that he is more capable of caring about me rather than my own inside voice. It’s often really difficult to understand why an individual’s thoughts can be so damaging towards them, but I have found by creating an imaginary being, I can reveal what are genuine emotions and what is forced upon me by something that isn’t myself.” – Amy Heather

Avamay currently dwells in a small room inside a shared flat in North London. The dynamic duo consists of singer-songwriter Amy Heather and producer/guitarist James Neill. They’ve been together for almost a year, and within that short span of time, they’ve written a large collection of emotional songs.

Their music travels into the hearts and minds of nostalgic humans in love, floating somewhere between folk and indie-pop music. Also, their songs address complex minds and obsessive romance.

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