Astelle - K Boy Bye press photo
Photo by Ali Zare

Astelle releases an impressive debut solo single, entitled, “K Boy Bye”

Astelle is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Norway. Not too long ago, she released an impressive debut solo single, entitled, “K Boy Bye,” via Loudkult, a Swedish record label.

Astelle – “K Boy Bye” single

“This song came to life through my own and my friends’ experiences at the club and parties where the opposite sex was acting disrespectful and arrogant. Me and Jann contacted each other on Instagram, and I’m glad we did because that was the beginning of a great and long cooperation and also the beginning of ‘K Boy Bye.’ We set up a session on which we wrote ‘K Boy Bye,’ and that was my first session ever! I have never been involved in such a process before and as a matter of fact, I have never met Jann or Jørgen, or any other songwriter that day before. I was nervous but so determined and excited! And it turned out to be a success!” – Astelle explained

‘K Boy Bye’ is about having fun in the club. The likable tune reminds female listeners about their self-worth so they won’t fall into the love trap of heartbreakers. Furthermore, “K Boy Bye” is a bold statement that contains a powerful narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Beyoncé. The party-friendly tune also possesses melodic instrumentation bursting with smoky reggae-pop flavors and sassy dance-club elements.


Astelle - K Boy Bye press photo by Ali Zare
Photo by Ali Zare

“The vibe in the studio was magical and the productivity and creativity were on a whole another level! We all came along immediately. But I have to say that we spent around 12 hours that day in the studio and the amount of vocals we tracked is insane, which gives the song its richness in sound so it was totally worth it.” – Astelle explained

To describe Astelle with keywords, it would be power, passion, and femininity. The Norwegian artist has already released main feature singles with German DJ-duo, Ellipso, and house-producer, Magnus Foss. In 2020, she got as far as seventh place in the world-famous singing contest, “Idol,” in Norway. Astelle’s first professional session wasn’t before she turned 20 years old. That session was based in Oslo, where she and other producers and songwriters wrote “K Boy Bye.”


Astelle - K Boy Bye press photo
Photo by Ali Zare

Astelle is multidimensional like a diamond and likes to experiment with genres. The music she mostly writes is filled with sassy and daring vibes. Her goal is to inspire and motivate her listeners through her music. When going through tough times, she almost never listens to sad songs. Instead, Astelle puts on her bad bit*h playlist to rise up her fighting spirit. And that’s why she mainly writes sassy, bossy, and spicy lyrics/melodies. This is with the intention to plant confidence and strength into people’s hearts and minds.

Astelle’s music can be used as some form of escapism or a dose of dopamine, that will fill your system with positive energy. With that being said, Astelle also stands for the freedom to show real and raw emotions. Music is a way of sharing one’s true feelings. To her, it’s important to stay true to yourself and be genuine.

“K Boy Bye” single

Astelle - “K Boy Bye” song cover art

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