Asia Karin press photo

Asia Karin releases an animated visualizer for her “Omw!” single

Asia Karin is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland. Not too long ago, she released an animated visualizer for her “Omw!” single, produced by Chris P.

Asia Karin – “Omw!” visualizer

“Be 100 with me, I’ma be the same way. Still gon’ eat you like cake, still gon’ treat you like bae. F**k all over the place, that won’t change a damn thing. It’s 6 on the dot at ya spot and I won’t stop ‘til we wet up the sheets. And you gonna be late in the morning if you keep messing with me.” – lyrics

‘Omw!’ tells an adventurous tale of a young woman who travels to her significant other’s home for some love and excitement. They are not an official couple but are very comfortable around each other in more ways than one.

‘Omw!’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a warm contemporary R&B aroma. Furthermore, “Omw!” serves as a fantastic presentation of what listeners can expect to hear from Asia Karin in the near future.

Asia Karin

Asia Karin press photo

At Baltimore City Community College, Asia Karin juggled collegiate studies while learning how to write and record music. During that time, she used the Baltimore streets as a testing ground for her performances. Not too long afterward, she suffered the loss of a close friend due to violence in her city. This tragic event ultimately added to her decision to relocate to Atlanta to pursue her music career. Since then, she’s been rocking stages around the rising Atlanta music scene.

“Omw!” single

Asia Karin - “Omw!” cover

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