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Asante Phenix releases a romantic R&B tune, entitled, “Pull Up”

Asante Phenix is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter from Maryland. Not too long ago, he released a romantic R&B tune, entitled, “Pull Up”.

Asante Phenix – “Pull Up”

“‘Pull Up’ is about getting that come over call from your love interest. Imagine sitting at your house contemplating going out when all you really want to do is see her. The song describes the journey and romantic plans for the evening between the two of you.” – Asante Phenix

‘Pull Up’ contains a relatable storyline, smooth soul vocals, and drum-fueled instrumentation flavored with nostalgic R&B and modern soul elements. Also, the artist created the song with Brandon Bost (Electric Ladyland) just in time for cuffin’ season. 

Asante Phenix – “Pull Up”

Asante Phenix artwork

Asante Phenix grew up listening to R&B, Pop, and Alternative Rock music. But a trip to London shifted his musical tastes. By the time he was 18-years-old, he experienced the spellbinding energy of UK house, D&B, and experimental trip hop.

After a short stint in the UK and Germany, he returned to College Park, Maryland. Shortly afterward, he enrolled at WMUC and became a DJ at 88.1, the university’s local radio station. During that time, he was introduced to music by Flying Lotus, Tokimonsta, Shlomo, Shigeto, Ichiro_, and James Blak.

Currently, Asante strives to bring together the worlds of new wave electronic production and classic R&B.

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