ARLO releases an exotic single, entitled, “Disturbing the Peace”

ARLO is a rising London-based pop singer. Not too long ago, he released an exotic single, entitled, “Disturbing the Peace”.  

ARLO – “Disturbing the Peace”

“Let me be your dirty perfect secret. Tell me all the things you wanna do. So we can feel like lovers do. I want to see every single part of you. Show you things you never seen before. So lead the light to show me more. Hold my body don’t you let it go. I’ve seen heaven have you been before? I’m disturbing the peace with you my lover. I’ll make you shiver like no other. Against the wall. Show me it all.” – Lyrics

“Disturbing the Peace” showcases the artist’s lush vocals over feisty instrumentation embedded with thudding drums and buttery synthesizers.

The track speaks about ARLO’s rumbustious sexually-explicit encounter with his lover, which usually takes place at night. Their love maker is so loud that their neighbors consider calling the police because they think someone might be getting assaulted. But that’s not the case. The truth is lovers are passionately making love to each other.



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Disturbing The Peace is fun a song. It’s full of energy and character. I’m normally distraught and broken in my records. This is a side of me that people haven’t really seen yet. It’s bold, brash and cheeky. It’s full of bravado and grandiosity. I’m literally busting out of the gate in a very loud way.” – ARLO

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