Ark Patrol press photo
Photo by Alex Free

Dive Deep Into Ark Patrol’s Latest Electronic EP, “G”

Ark Patrol (@arkpatrol  a.k.a. Brandon Gomez ) is a Hawaii-born, LA-based alternative electronic artist and producer. Not too long ago, he introduced his latest endeavor, “G,” accompanied by the lead single and music video, “Top of the World.”

Ark Patrol – “Top of the World” (Official Video)

“It’s talking about the idea of being high,” Ark Patrol stated. “My brother has been in and out of tough situations.” For Brandon, the love song links them together through the feelings of ups and downs. “I’ve also been really high, like having a viral song,” he says. “The song is me trying to relate to him and saying, ‘I imagine what you’ve gone through but also I could never imagine the things you’ve gone through.'”

“Top Of The World” is a love-infused track inspired by Ark Patrol’s brother, incorporating a sample of a close friend’s candid expression, set against an infectious dance beat. The song sets the stage for a dynamic dance floor atmosphere, blending uplifting melodies with introspective themes of vulnerability and solitude. The mesmerizing music video was directed and animated by Anna Chandler (Kelsey Lu, Bright Eyes), and the visuals follow our protagonists as they begin their journey of self-discovery.

Ark Patrol

Ark Patrol press photo
Photo by Alex Free

Throughout recent years, Ark Patrol has remained steadfast in offering fresh sounds and inspiration to his audience. Despite a cancer diagnosis in 2018, he persevered through adversity with the power of music.

In early 2019, Ark embarked on his inaugural national tour alongside Baynk and Big Wild and graced the stages of festivals like Splash-House. Years later, he emerged victorious in his battle against cancer. With notable releases such as the viral hit “Let Go,” featured in the HBO series Euphoria, and a prominent spot in the new Microsoft Surface Earbuds advertisement, Ark Patrol continues to leave his mark.

Ark Patrol – “G” EP

Ark Patrol – “G” EP cover art

“This project, the ‘G’ EP, represents the naïveté, innocence, and youthfulness from my childhood.” – Ark Patrol stated

“G” marks Ark Patrol’s latest artistic venture, comprising previous tracks such as “Oui” featuring Veronika Redd and the electrifying “Tomorrow Can Wait” featuring FiFi Zhang. With “G” as his latest offering, Ark Patrol signals the start of a new chapter, promising more musical treasures on the horizon. Stay tuned for what’s next from this innovative artist.

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