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ari hicks releases a self-assertive pop anthem, entitled, “Two Sides”

ari hicks is a talented singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a self-assertive pop anthem, entitled, “Two Sides.”

ari hicks – “Two Sides” single

“You got two sides; you got two sides. First, you’re hot and then you’re cold. You love f****** with my mind. It’s tragic, flippin’ your switch like it’s magic. Got a degree in dramatic. Baby, you’re being erratic, pretending you’re sorry. Droppin’ the act in a heartbeat, second that nobody’s watching. But I’m always watching.” – lyrics

‘Two Sides’ tells an intriguing tale about a young woman who realizes that her significant other has a dual personality. Apparently, it blows her mind how he can switch into his other self at the snap of a finger. Later, she tells him, “It’s stupid how you gon’ throw me the deuces, treatin’ my love like a nuisance. You didn’t care and you proved it. Then the second I don’t react; you pretend that you want me back.”

‘Two Sides’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with music lovers who are into relationship dilemmas. The likable tune possesses thudding drums and booming bass-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “Two Sides” is featured on ari hicks’ brand-new EP, entitled, “It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1.” The six-track project gives listeners a first glance at ari entering her villain era as she pays homage to the death of a male-centric narrative.

ari hicks – “It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1” EP

ari hicks - “It's Not That Deep- Chapter 1” EP cover

“‘It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1’ is an all-encompassing soundtrack of entering your villain era. Each chapter is a collage of stories and experiences that were derived to hone in on the concept of reclaiming your power. ‘Chapter 1’ really embodies a lighter energy, it’s a little petty, a little savage, but it’s FUN. It’s tapping into your feminine energy and taking these cookie-cutter stories and giving them a bit of a plot twist. Because, why shouldn’t girls have their fun? Sonically and visually, I aligned and designed each of these tracks with main character energy (hence why they all have an actual character). These tracks are for the brats, the girls that feel silenced. The ones who are entering their villain era selflessly or selfishly. I want this chapter to be the voice for that.” – ari hicks explained

‘It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1’ is an honest and bold storybook about unapologetically stepping into your power. The project also acts as the start of a new era for ari. It features three brand-new tracks as well as familiar favorites – “Romeo Dies,” “Sucker,” and “Shut Up and Look Pretty.” “Two Sides,” “Pull your Tooth,” and “Jaded” give the EP a euphorically darker sound. Also, “It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1” contains get-under-your-skin lyrics to end Chapter 1 on an edgy note, offering listeners a more haunting glimpse into Chapter 2.

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