Ari Abdul - BABYDOLL (Speed) cover

Ari Abdul releases a sped-up version of her debut single, entitled, “BABYDOLL (Speed)”

Ari Abdul is a rising singer-songwriter based in New York City. Not too long ago, she released a sped-up version of her debut single, titled, “BABYDOLL (Speed).”

Ari Abdul – “BABYDOLL (Speed)” single

“And darling, I’m falling, f***** up over you. Bite me, bruise me, leave me like you do. And darling, I’m calling, lay me in my tomb. Call me, babydoll, come break down these walls. Don’t leave me alone, call me, babydoll. Too cold, it’s withdrawal, this house ain’t a home. Oh, father, forgive me for all my sins. When I meet your eyes, the devil, he wins. Blinded by your lies but I play pretend.” – lyrics 

‘BABYDOLL (Speed)’ tells a dark tale about a young woman who needs the warmth of another to stay high. Apparently, she’s wrapped tightly around this individual’s finger and that troubles her. Later, she admits, “You’re holding me down, I scream but make no sound. Nothing to hold, my hands are tied.”

‘BABYDOLL (Speed)’ possesses a booming bassline, electric guitars, and thudding drum-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative pop, dark wave, and gothic-house elements. Furthermore, “BABYDOLL (Speed)” is the sped-up version of Ari Abdul’s “BABYDOLL” single, featured on her debut EP, entitled, “Fallen Angel.”

Ari Abdul – “Fallen Angel” EP

Ari Abdul - “Fallen Angel” cover art

“You have like these nice, lovely, innocent-sounding songs. And by the end of the EP, the songs get really distorted and heavier, and the lyrics get darker. Maybe there’ll be an emotion or a little something that happens in my life in a song, but the EP is completely storytelling. We keep pretty melodies, but still have production and lyrics that completely contradict those pretty melodies.” – Ari Abdul explained

Growing up in Catholic School, Ari became enamored with the story of Lucifer and the “fallen angel” narrative. Ari and her best friend/producer, Thomas LaRosa, worked to create a world behind the EP inspired by “loss of innocence and connection with one’s self into a distorted, wicked version.” The EP’s most alluring quality is how it gives listeners a glimpse into who Ari is, mingling tenebrous fantasy with her personal story.

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